Abs Burner Wheel™

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Abs Burner Wheel™



Strengthen the abdominals for a flat stomach.
Muscles the arms.
Suitable for athletes and beginners.
Stable for more safety.
Adheres to all floors.
Easy and silent use.

Strengthen the abdominal belt for a flat stomach.

With this abdominal wheel, work your abdominal belt efficiently. This small fitness equipment allows you to perform at home muscle-building exercises that help to improve your body's muscle tone and abdominal resistance. Real sheathing device, the ABS Burner Wheel™ helps you to get a flat belly.

Benefits for the whole body.

Work your whole body with the ABS Burner Wheel™! With your hands on the handles and your knees on the mat, you move in a straight line. The abdominal muscles will be sheathed, the arm muscles will work and shape themselves. Your back will also be strengthened, giving you better posture while limiting the pain of everyday life.

For experts and beginners.

It is not necessary to be a great athlete or to have an athletic body and concrete muscles to use the Abs Burner Wheel™. In addition to being easy to handle, the ABS Burner Wheel™ can be delivered with assistance bands. Simply attach the bands to the wheel handles and hold the end with your feet. It gives you greater stability and allows you to work your abs more easily and efficiently.

Exercise at home.

You don't always have the time to go to the gym to maintain your body. With the ABS Burner Wheel™ you can exercise from home. In your living room, your bedroom or even on your terrace on sunny days, install your mat on the floor, take your wheel and let's go for the at home fitness session !

2 wheels for a better stability.

Unlike other abdominal wheels, the ABS Burner Wheel™ has two wheels wide enough for better stability when using it for more safety. You can concentrate more on your posture and body work without worrying about bad movements that could be fatal to your training.


Dimensions :7.8 x 3.5 x 12.6 inches
Weight:2.2 lbs
Material:steel pipe
Color:pink, white, blue
Contents:x1 Abs Burner Wheel™ + 1 support strip (optional)

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